J.J. Pearce Roster

view No. Name Position Class

Go Here 1 Kevin Garcia DB 11

2 Preston Ghanfili DB 12

3 Adam Reishus WR 12

4 Ryan Hart WR 12

5 Ryan Denne DB 11

6 Jake Griffin WR 11

7 Austin Noland QB 12

8 Dominic Reyes DB 12

9 Reese Svetgoff WR 12

10 Tyler Dayley QB 11

11 Hank Hughes QB 11

12 Connor Rennick WR 12

13 Harley Mandell LB 12

14 Josh Mondares DB 12

15 Clipp McKeen WR 12

16 Sam Snyder QB 11

18 Spencer Lange K 12

19 Daniel Cullinane WR 11

20 Otis Blanton RB 10

21 Kalvin Clavir DB 11

22 Alex Silva RB 12

23 Max Beckum DB 12

24 Matt Lane DB 12

25 Christopher Hill DB 11

26 Enie Carrasco DB 10

27 Jake Hercamp RB 12

28 Trey Coleman WR 11

29 Jacob Wells RB 11

30 Micah Thomas DB 11

32 Stone Sawyer LB 10

33 Joaquin Montenegro RB 11

34 Daniel Lee DB 11

36 Nick Reedy DL 11

37 Jonathan Briones LB 11

38 Travis Barnett LB 11

39 Dakota Pearle DB 12

No. Name Position Class

41 Arrian Curry DB 12

42 Arash Hajheydari DE 12

44 Michael Orozco LB 12

45 Rob Kuhne DB 12

46 Graham Knox LB 11

47 Kaleb Gillenwater LB 12

48 Jacob Trevino DB 12

50 Evan Spitzer DL 11

52 Chris Cullinane OL 11

53 Alec Harmon OL 12

54 Farbode Karimi DE 12

55 Alex Ewing OL 11

57 Sam Davis OL 12

58 Blake Everett DE 11

59 Freddy Contreras DE 12

61 Patrick Ancelin OL 11

62 Ryan Cafiero DE 11

63 Julio Duran OL 11

64 Eriq Diaz DL 12

65 Andrew Arnold OL 12

71 Kenneth Lawrence OL 12

72 Jack Headlee OL 11

73 Will Hodge OL 11

74 Jack Davis OL 9

76 Dujuan Wooten DE 11

78 Patrick Mulvihill OL 12

79 Anthony Meyers OL 11

80 Jack Watson WR 10

82 Toby Fowler WR 11

84 Exavier Collins DB 11

85 Rhett Middleton WR 11

88 Joshua Ochoa WR 12

90 Keevron Williams DL 12

91 Sean Rosini DE 11

92 Kasra Karimi DL 12

94 Angel Santos DE 12

Bold indicates

returning lettermen.

* indicates returning

two-year starter

Number 84, Doak Walker’s

Highland Park High School

uniform number from

1944, was retired in 1998.

Probable Starting Lineups

HP vs J.J. Pearce

J.J. Pearce Mustangs



WR 6 Jake Griffin

WR 4 Ryan Hart

LT 57 Sam Davis

LG 71 Kenneth Lawrence

C 53 Alec Harmon

RG 78 Patrick Mulvihill

RT 65 Andrew Arnold

WR 9 Reese Svetgoff

WR 12 Connor Rennick

RB 27 Jake Hercamp

QB 11 Hank Hughes

K 18 Spencer Lange



DE 41 Arrian Curry

DT 92 Kasra Karimi

DT 90 Keevron Williams

DE 62 Ryan Cafiero

LB 38 Travis Barnett

LB 47 Kaleb Gillenwater

LB 8 Dominic Reyes

CB 23 Max Beckum

CB 24 Matt Lane

S 45 Rob Kuhne

S 39 Dakota Pearle


Highland Park Scots



WR 3 Andrew Frost

WR 2 Campbell Brooks

LT 55 Jack Sides

LG 76 Rees LeMay

C 50 Clayton Woods

RG 60 Josh Leachman

RT 78 Austin Webb

WR 17 Kevin Ken

WR 9 Sam Welfelt

RB 34 Stephen Dieb

QB 5 Brooks Burgin



DE 95 Michael Thornton

NG 94 Daniel Gouskos

DE 44 Nick Waterman

OLB 40 Hayden Schnieders

OLB 32 Zach Snelling

41 Josh Block

ILB 35 Michael Linehan

ILB 49 Matthew White

CB 31 Benjamin Walzel

CB 6 Carter McDade

SS 11 Boomer Bakich

FS 4 Stephen Briggs

K 98 Grayson Borrego

DS 50 Clayton Woods

P 14 Kyle Burnett

Highland Park vs J.J. Pearce

Friday, October 3, 2014; 7:30pm Kickoff at Highlander Stadium

As the J.J. Pearce Mustangs ride into town for its first 6A battle with the Highland Park Scots, the red, white and blue ponies are glad to see a familiar face in the UIL big boys club. The Scots are also glad to reunite with their former district rivals. The two schools, with similar student bodies, similar sports traditions and similar quest for excellence, are both glad they didn’t stumble into district 6-6A (like McKinney did two years ago). That district includes four of the largest 10 schools in the state: Allen (5,987 students), Plano (5,395), Plano West (5,531) and Plano East (5,300).

Highland Park (2,106) is the smallest 6A school and Pearce (2,177) is close. They are both happy to be in a district with nearby Richardson and Mesquite schools, with whom they have been district rivals – off and on – for decades.
While the Scots have dominated the Mustangs in football, Pearce fans can hang their hats on that one brief, shining moment when Pearce beat Highland Park in double overtime in 2001. What is incredible is that HP’s loss at Eagle-Mustang Stadium that year has been one of only two district losses since Randy Allen arrived at HP in 1999. (That’s an incredible feat. Maybe Allen, Plano, Plano West and Plano East are the ones thrilled that the Scots didn’t join their private club.)
The Scots are playing well. Quarterback Brooks Burgin is the polished, talented and experienced signal caller the coaches created in a QB lab in the basement of HPHS. His offensive line is experienced and strong. No team can concentrate on the Scots’ top wide receiver because there are half a dozen of them. The defense has pitched two shutouts and held a good North Mesquite offense to one touchdown. And that was without Mr. Pick 6 himself, Mitchell Kaufman, a defensive leader who has been sidelined with a back injury. Last week Michael Linehan led the team with 17 tackles (including nine solo).
The Scots are 4-0 going into this game while the Mustangs are struggling at 1-3. Pearce has a major threat in Hank Hughes, who is 6’2”, runs a 4.6 and can line up anywhere on the field and be dominant. He is set to start at quarterback so watch for number 11 making plays with his legs and his arm. Pearce also has one of the top wide receivers in the area, Jake Griffin, who has caught 22 passes for 261 yards. The likely scenario will be Hughes to Griffin passes. If Griffin is covered, look for Hughes to run.
The Scots do need to get out of bed before the second quarter. The slow starts could haunt this team tonight or next week against Horn.
I asked my voodoo friend what the final score will be Friday night and he just smiled and said, “Don’t let it go into overtime.”

Highland Park vs North Mesquite

Friday, September 26, 2014; 7:30pm Kickoff at Mesquite Hanby Stadium

Over the next five weeks, the Scots will play more games in Mesquite Hanby Stadium than their own Highlander Stadium. Highland Park travels east to play the North Mesquite Stallions this Friday, Sept. 26 … the Mesquite Horn Jaguars on Oct. 10 … and the Mesquite Skeeters on Oct. 24.
Hanby, on the campus of Mesquite High School, is the old stadium in town. It is more intimate and has more tradition than the newer, bigger and fancier Mesquite Memorial Stadium, where the Scots got used to playing West Mesquite and Poteet. Hanby was built in 1956 and holds 11,950 fans. Memorial, built in 1977, is next to the West Mesquite campus. It has a capacity of 20,000 and is a good playoff stadium for the Scots, except when it is late November and a Blue Norther blows in. There is nothing to block the wind and a wintery mix in a stiff wind can be devastating. HP fans have ice cycles dripping from their stadium blankets.

I remember going to a freezing-cold playoff game at Mesquite Memorial a few years ago. I was late, arriving in middle of the first period and as I walked in, there was a stream of football fans already leaving the game. In the first period! It was that miserable.

As the Scots prepare for their first 2014 trek to Hanby Stadium, they need to be thinking about how to stop the Stallions’ sophomore quarterback, Ja’quez Gooch. In his first game as a starter, Gooch picked up 141 yards on 12 caries (11.75 yards per carry) and ran for touchdowns of 63, 10 and 17 yards. In last week’s 41-20 win over South Garland, Gooch ran for 109 yards (10.9 yards per carry) and completed 11 of 13 passes for 119 yards. When Gooch isn’t using his 4.5 speed to make big plays, his running back Dreshawn Minnieweather is putting ups close to 100 yards per game.

The Stallions beat Naaman Forest in the season opener, 30-24, even though NF had more first downs and more total yards. Big plays, like DeKeddrick Henderson’s 65-yard fumble return, were the difference in the game. Arlington Sam Houston beat NM by two points in the second game, 12-10, even though Sam outgained NM 371 total yards to 198. The Stallions racked up 108 penalty yards on 11 flags. In their most recent game against North Garland, the Stallions jumped out to a 27-0 lead in the second quarter and I think that’s the team that will take the field against the Scots.

HP is 3-0 going into district play. The Scots have defeated Frisco Centennial and Prosper by a combined score of 101-0, and they beat the team that should have punted some, 48-42.

Campbell Brooks and Kevin Ken have already combined for 28 receptions for 536 yards and seven touchdowns, with Andrew Frost and Sam Welfelt each catching nine passes for a combined 285 yards. Quarterback Brooks Burgin has completed 52 of 77 passes (68 percent) for 844 yards and eight touchdowns. Stephen Dieb has run 35 times for 203 yards and four TDs. The Scots defense has pitched two shutouts.

The stats look good. But 6A begins this Friday. The Stallions will be the first of many new big school challenges for the Scots, who are prepared for – and anxious to – meet those challenges.