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Probable Starting Lineups



WR 3 Andrew Frost

WR 2 Campbell Brooks

LT 55 Jack Sides

LG 76 Rees LeMay

C 50 Clayton Woods

RG 60 Josh Leachman

RT 78 Austin Webb

WR 17 Kevin Ken

WR 9 Sam Welfelt

RB 34 Stephen Dieb

QB 5 Brooks Burgin


DE 95 Michael Thornton

NG 94 Daniel Gouskos

DE 44 Nick Waterman

OLB 40 Hayden Schnieders

OLB 10 Mitchell Kaufman

ILB 35 Michael Linehan

ILB 49 Matthew White

CB 31 Benjamin Walzel

CB 6 Carter McDade

SS 11 Boomer Bakich

FS 4 Stephen Briggs

K 98 Grayson Borrego

K 99 David Wiggs

DS 50 Clayton Woods

P 14 Kyle Burnett




WR 5 Jamarice Preston

WR 7 Sam Iheke

LT 79 Sam Spraberry

LG 68 Taylor DeMarkus

C 77 Drake McAulay

RG 58 Nathan Frost

RT 75 Hunter Ghoreishi

WR 26 Octavion Warren

WR 27 Blake Cronin

RB 2 Tyler Hughes

QB 13 Brock Jones

K 20 Reece Morrison


DE 71 Lane Toungate

DT 52 Sam Haster

DT 74 Arthur Anderson

DE 43 Devonte Fluellen

LB 24 Domonique Neroes

LB 48 Joshua Lee

LB 14 Khalon Williams

CB 4 Jarrod Smith

CB 25 Daniel LaFayette

S 22 LaQuantis Davis

S 35 T.J. Churchill

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Tennis team, cross country runners advance to state
Volleyball launches playoff run with bidistrict match

Participating in its first postseason in class 6A, the HPHS tennis team defeated Austin Westlake 10-5 in the finals at the UIL Region II Tournament Nov. 1. The Scots will advance to play Houston Memorial in the state semifinals at 3 p.m. Nov. 6 at the George P. Mitchell Tennis Center in College Station.

If the Scots win, they will advance to the finals at 3 p.m. Nov. 7 and face the winner of the New Braunfels/Plano West match.

boy cc team 2014
The boys cross country team took third place at the Regional Meet Nov. 1, and will advance to the state meet Saturday, Nov. 8 at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. Senior Rico Lara led the Running Scots with an individual seventh-place finish.

The girls cross country team finished the Regional Meet in eighth place. After an individual sixth-place finish, Hope McLaughlin will represent the Lady Scots at the state competition. Start times are 12:30 p.m. for 6A boys and 1 p.m. for 6A girls. Click HERE for spectator information.

There will be a send-off for the runners outside the HPHS student entrance on Westchester immediately following Friday’s pep rally.
The Lady Scot volleyball team will launch its playoff run with a bidistrict match against Irving MacArthur at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4 at Duncanville High School. HP is the home team, and tickets will be available at the door. Click HERE for the playoff bracket.

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The community is invited to a send-off for the team at 4:45 p.m. Tuesday outside the student entrance on Westchester.

Tennis team advances to regional championship match

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Participating in 6A postseason play for the first time, the HPHS tennis team defeated The Woodlands and Lake Travis today in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds of the Region II team tennis tournament. Finals will begin at 9 a.m. tomorrow at Mansfield High School.

Student Council crowns Homecoming Queen

homecoming.queen.2The HPHS Student Council was proud to announce that senior Shannon Shiffer was voted the 2014-15 Homecoming Queen. Shannon was honored, along with the rest of the homecoming court, at the Oct. 4 dance.

This year’s homecoming court included:
Leah Jackson
Meghan McCollum
Shannon Shiffer
Grayson Baird
Peyton Ward
Bailey Pogue
Last week for Glad for Plaid raffle



band.3The Highlander Band is proud to once again host the Glad for Plaid raffle, which is a great way to remember the unsung heroes who support and encourage our children on a daily basis. Parents, students and friends may honor any district employee by purchasing a raffle ticket in the employee’s name. The final day to purchase raffle tickets is Thursday, Oct. 16.

Only HPISD employees are eligible to win the special basket, which is valued at $1,750. Staff members are notified with the name(s) of those that have given in their honor and details of the raffle.

Raffle tickets may be purchased from any Highlander Band student or forms may be picked up in the front office and counseling offices of all HPISD schools. The winning raffle ticket will pulled at BBQ with the Band Oct. 17. The BBQ will be held from 4:30 -7 p.m. on Oct. 17 in the HPHS cafeteria.
Save the date for BBQ with the Band Oct. 17
Please join the Highlander Band for its annual BBQ with the Band dinner, in conjunction with the 11th annual Blue Out, from 5-7 pm Friday, Oct. 17 in the HPHS cafeteria. Start off your Centennial weekend off right by enjoying dinner from Peggy Sue BBQ, live entertainment from The Dixie Scots and fabulous raffle and auction items, all before the home football game.

Enjoy raffle and auction at BBQ with the Band
band.bikeThis year’s Highlander Band raffle baskets feature a 2014 Honda Ruckus, a $2,000 Apple Gift Certificate, $1,000 in NorthPark Gold, the Crescent Spa, a Night out on the Town, and Glad for Plaid. Check the website for details:

Raffle tickets may be purchased from any HP band member, in the cafeteria during lunch periods Wednesday and Thursday, October 15-16, or at the event. Individual raffle tickets are $5 or a package of 6 for $25. The drawings will occur during the event.

Questions? Contact Jamie Ellis at

Get your Blue Out shirt before they’re sold out
In honor of the HPISD Centennial, this year’s Highlander Band Blue Out T-shirt sports the theme “Fighting Scots, 100 Years Strong.” Get yours before they sell out! They will be sold in the cafeteria during lunch periods every pep rally day, or you may email to order one. Prices are $15 for short sleeve, $20 for long sleeve and $30 for a polo. Add $2 for sizes XXL and XXXL.

Blue Out T-shirts will be worn during the home football game Oct. 17. Join the band before the game for the annual “BBQ with the Band,” provided by Peggy Sue BBQ.
Save the date: HP 101 dance on Nov. 8
The HP 101 Dance will be held from 8-11 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 8 at Eddie Deen’s Ranch, featuring the band Mockingbird Sun. Proceeds will benefit the HP Education Foundation’s Tartan Endowment, providing long-term support for HPHS and its students. If you would like to underwrite the event, please visit the Foundation website at Tickets will be available for purchase Oct. 1 through the website.
1-Blue Out Shirt on Scarecrow 2014_10-1-2014 7-36-12 PMTo help celebrate Highland Park ISD’s 100th anniversary, a contest “101 Ways to Leave Your Legacy” is being held in conjunction with the dance. High School students are being asked to come up with a creative way to honor their school. HP 101 co-chair, Kevin Ken, commits to saying thank you to a teacher for 101 days.

Entries can be emailed to The top 10 will be chosen by the co-chairs and displayed on a banner at the high school later this fall.
Scots stop Pearce, face Mesquite Horn tonight

BJR 106716 - Bumper Sticker Designs 2014 - v4The Scots celebrated homecoming with a big 56-0 win Oct. 3. The Scots will travel to Mesquite tonight to face Horn High School at 7:30 p.m. at Hanby Stadium. The Scots hold a 5-0 record, and Horn is 4-1 this season.

During the season, each game will be recorded and broadcast at the following times each week on HPTV:
7 p.m., Monday – Freshman Gold
8:30 p.m., Monday – Freshman Blue
7 p.m., Tuesday – Varsity
9:30 p.m., Tuesday – JV Blue
7 p.m., Wednesday – Varsity
9:30 p.m., Wednesday – JV Gold
HPTV is currently available to Park Cities cable subscribers on Charter Channel 192, Time Warner Channel 494, AT&T U-verse Channel 99.

All 2014 varsity games will also be broadcast on KTXD Channel 47 at 11 p.m. following each game, and at noon Saturday. Due to UIL policies, games cannot be broadcast live.

Games will be broadcast live on the radio on KAAM-AM 770 or Fans listening to the radio broadcast can communicate with the broadcast booth by emailing

The Scots will also make a TV appearance with the premiere of The History of Highland Park Football at 9:30 p.m., Nov. 12 on Fox Sports Southwest.

Tickets to home and away games for the remainder of the season may be purchased in advance the week of each game with cash or check only at the Highlander Stadium box office at the following times:
1:30-3:30 p.m., Wednesday
8:30-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-3:30 p.m., Thursday
8:30 a.m.-noon, Friday
Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.
Lady Scot volleyball sweeps Berkner, chase district title

VB.2The Lady Scots are another week into district play and are still in chasing a district title and a playoff spot. The Scots fell to the Pearce Mustangs, 21-25, 25-20, 18-25, 30-32 Oct. 3, a superb match up that will be repeated at Pearce High School Oct. 28.

The varsity team swept Richardson Berkner in three sets Oct. 7, with scores of 25-15, 25-12, 25-15. Click HERE for more results from both matches.

Players of the week were Allegra Muñoz and Falyn Reaugh.

The Lady Scots face Mesquite Horn on the road tonight, but are back home on Tuesday, Oct. 14 to play Richardson. Come out and support your Lady Scots volleyball teams. JV and freshman games begin at 6 p.m., followed by the varsity match.


Girls cross country posts top 10 finish in Round Rock

buy viagra online pharmacy reviews The HPHS girls cross country teams raced at the McNeil Invitational Meet Oct. 4 in Round Rock. Out of 32 teams in the Gold Varsity division, HP Gold took 10th place and HP Navy finished in 29th place. Hope McLaughlin led the Lady Scots with a 22nd-place individual finish.

girls.xc.2The JV team finished in third place out of 36 teams, led by Caroline Nowlin who finished 11th. The freshman girls team finished in second place, with Grayson Willis, Greer Crump, Rachel Alford, Abby Filley and Sarah Myers all finishing in the top 10.

girls.xc.1The Lady Scots will race at the Flyin’ Hawks Invitational Oct. 11 at the Tarrant County College Northeast campus in Hurst. The races will begin at 7:30 a.m.

XC.runners.weekSenior Maggie Nolan and freshman Holland Wiles were named Runners of the Week at the Oct. 3 pep rally.

boys.XCMens cross country team finishes strong in Round Rock

The HP mens cross country team delivered a strong performance at the highly-competitive McNeil Invitational Oct. 4 in Round Rock. The varsity team placed eighth in the Elite Gold division and was led by senior captain Rico Lara’s sixth-place overall finish out of 355 runners.

The JV boys finished fifth overall led by sophomore Ford McGovern’s 11th-place finish out of 470 runners.

The mens team competes tomorrow morning at the Flyin’ Hawks Invitational 5K at Birdville High School in Fort Worth as its final meet before district.
JV Gold football squad holds Mansfield scoreless
The JV Gold football team defeated the Mansfield Legacy Broncos 48-0 Oct. 2 in Mansfield. The Scots will next face Cedar Hill High School at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 16 in Cedar Hill.
Crew clubs win big at Oklahoma City regatta

crew (2)The HP Crew Club and Dallas United Crew (DUC) began their fall race season on at the Head of Oklahoma Regatta Festival Oct. 3-5 in Oklahoma City. The HP Crew Club and DUC rowers rocked the standings to represent Dallas at this major U.S. regatta. All DUC boats medaled – six varsity and four novice, earning a total of 78 individual medals. The Mens Youth Light 8+ and the Men’s Youth Varsity/Lightweight 8+ both brought home gold medals in the 500M Night Sprint.

Dallas United Crew offers a variety of rowing and dragon boating programs for adults and youth, ages 11 and up, on White Rock Lake. Both novice and experienced rowers and paddlers are welcome. Since 2002, DUC has been building community, developing leadership and opportunity, and having fun through teamwork in oar and paddle sports. These programs challenge, strengthen and empower people both mentally and physically. For complete information, learn more at


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This is the big one.

When Highland Park learned it was going to be in 6A, its coaches immediately circled October 10 as the biggest challenge. Mesquite Horn. With 11 starters returning from a 9-3 area finalist team, many predicted the Jaguars to be the team to beat, but Highland Park was the pre-season pick to win the district.

buy viagra online cheapest

Sure enough, it looks like the district championship will be determined at Hanby Stadium on Friday.

This will indeed be the biggest challenge for the 5-0 Scots. The 4-1 Jaguars lost only to an undefeated Rockwall team but they have impressive wins over Duncanville and McKinney Boyd. The secret weapon Horn brings into the game is head coach Mike Overton who knows the Scots well from his days as the coach at West Mesquite. The fact that Horn is loaded with D1 talent is no surprise. One of the best offensive linemen in the state, Connor Dyer, will be playing for Texas Tech next year. Two wide receivers – Emmanuel Ogwo and Jarrison Stewart – have committed to play for Iowa and TCU. And neither one is the leading receiver on the team. Kakpa Mansaray has caught 22 passes for 308 yards to lead the team.

Statistically, these two teams match up. Horn QB Chris Robison has completed 76 of 136 passes for 1,339 yards and 14 touchdowns. HP’s Brady Burgin has completed 80 of 126 passes for 1,223 yards and 12 touchdowns. Horn is averaging 910 yards on the ground compared to HP’s 840. While the Scots are scoring 46.8 yards per game (compared to the Jaguars’ 33.2), I think the game will be determined by the Highland Park defense. While The Dallas Morning News picks Horn to win, 28-24, I think the Scots defense will hold the Jags to under 24 and I think Burgin’s balanced offense will score more than 30.

When the Scots start slow, they have adjusted at halftime and won the second half. That may happen again this Friday, but if the hole is too big, even a big second half won’t help. This is the first team HP will play that is loaded with college players. Like many teams the Scots face, these Jaguars are foaming at the mouth to snap the Scots’ 36-game district winning streak. Their extra step of quickness will challenge the Scots’ air game.

But there is something about rising to the occasion that makes Highland Park football unique. They have the bitter taste in their mouths of being picked to lose the game. The individuals on the team will reach deep inside and find a gear they didn’t know they had … but they know they’ll need it against a talented team like this.
Horn has D1 talent. Scots got pride.

That will be the difference.

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Dr. Kay Waggoner


Philip Bates

Director of Athletics

Bob Dubey

Assistant Director of


Leslie Slovak

Head Coach

Randy Robertson

Assistant Coaches

Steven Anthony

Mike Cranfill

Mark Furgeson

Chip Garber

Colby Goodman

Drew Harden

Kareem Hart

Daniel Meager

Adam Naron

Joe Sawyer

Anthony Travis

Athletic Trainers

Kevin Pitts

Tara Eskridge

Band Director

John Alstrin

Dance Team Director

Kari Roan

Cheer Coach

Julie Brantley

Emily Allen


Green & White