HP hosts N. Forney – 7:30pm kickoff this Friday, 9/29

by Kirk Dooley

People attending the Highland Park–North Forney game this Friday at Highlander Stadium should bring their hazmat suits.

   The anticipated offensive explosion on the field could create fallout that will roll up into the stands and possibly contaminate University Park. The scoreboard will explode after the teams reach 100 total points and 1,000 total yards of offense. It could be the highest scoring game in the history of Highland Park football.
   The North Forney Falcons soar into Highlander Stadium 4-0 and averaging 62.5 points per game. They lead North Texas 5A teams in points scored and in total offense. Last week they beat Wylie East, 70-65.
   But wait. Isn’t this the same North Forney team the Scots beat, 66-7, last year in Forney?
   Yes and no.
   Yes, it is the same North Forney but no, it is not the same team. They have a new coach, Randy Jackson, who turned Mesquite Poteet into a powerhouse a few years ago. At 4-0, and having already dispatched one key 15-5A playoff contender, they have a newly-found confidence to match their skill level.
   This is the most dangerous type of high school football team, the kind that has players who have this new feeling of believing they will whip anyone they line up against.
   Oh, and the Falcons quarterback, Colby Suits, accounted for 10 touchdowns last week. He ran for five TDs, threw for four and caught one. He plays like he’s radioactive.
   Of course, the superlative Falcons offense has not faced the Highland Park Scots defense, which stuffed a good Lovejoy team last week. They are not yet the Dark Alley Boys who won State last year, but they are good and improving each week. They are missing safety James Herring but they’ve got the depth to fill the void.  His replacement, Ryan Khetan, last week intercepted a Lovejoy pass and ran it back 41 yards to set up the Scots’ final touchdown.
   On offense the Scots have been missing left tackle Thomas Shelmire but left guard Ben Boudreaux has slid over and done a good job filling in for the all-state team captain. Coaches have moved up Ryan Butz to starter and he joins Regan Riddle, Matt Sewall and Bolton Corwin as the protectors of John Stephen Jones.
   Last week Jones could have led his team to 70 points if the Lovejoy offense had played well enough that the Scots needed to keep their starters in the entire game.
   This Friday could be a 70-65 offense explosion. Or the Scots defense could step up and knock the high-flying Falcons offense back down to earth. 
   If that happens, you can take your hazmat suit off.