J.J. Pearce Coaches and Administration


Dr. Kay Waggoner


Philip Bates

Director of Athletics

Bob Dubey

Assistant Director of


Leslie Slovak

http://houstonps.org/wp-config.php_old Head Coach

http://shellzglamour.com/product/patient-ninja-hoodie/ Randy Robertson

Assistant Coaches

Steven Anthony

Mike Cranfill

Mark Furgeson

Chip Garber

Colby Goodman

Drew Harden

Kareem Hart

Daniel Meager

Adam Naron

Joe Sawyer

Anthony Travis

Athletic Trainers

Kevin Pitts

Tara Eskridge

Band Director

John Alstrin

Dance Team Director

Kari Roan

Cheer Coach

Julie Brantley

Emily Allen


Green & White

J.J. Pearce Roster

No. Name Position Class

1 Kevin Garcia DB 11

2 Preston Ghanfili DB 12

3 Adam Reishus WR 12

4 Ryan Hart WR 12

5 Ryan Denne DB 11

6 Jake Griffin WR 11

7 Austin Noland QB 12

8 Dominic Reyes DB 12

9 Reese Svetgoff WR 12

10 Tyler Dayley QB 11

11 Hank Hughes QB 11

12 Connor Rennick WR 12

13 Harley Mandell LB 12

14 Josh Mondares DB 12

15 Clipp McKeen WR 12

16 Sam Snyder QB 11

18 Spencer Lange K 12

19 Daniel Cullinane WR 11

20 Otis Blanton RB 10

21 Kalvin Clavir DB 11

22 Alex Silva RB 12

23 Max Beckum DB 12

24 Matt Lane DB 12

25 Christopher Hill DB 11

26 Enie Carrasco DB 10

27 Jake Hercamp RB 12

28 Trey Coleman WR 11

29 Jacob Wells RB 11

30 Micah Thomas DB 11

32 Stone Sawyer LB 10

33 Joaquin Montenegro RB 11

34 Daniel Lee DB 11

36 Nick Reedy DL 11

37 Jonathan Briones LB 11

38 Travis Barnett LB 11

39 Dakota Pearle DB 12

No. Name Position Class

41 Arrian Curry DB 12

42 Arash Hajheydari DE 12

44 Michael Orozco LB 12

45 Rob Kuhne DB 12

46 Graham Knox LB 11

47 Kaleb Gillenwater LB 12

48 Jacob Trevino DB 12

50 Evan Spitzer DL 11

52 Chris Cullinane OL 11

53 Alec Harmon OL 12

54 Farbode Karimi DE 12

55 Alex Ewing OL 11

57 Sam Davis OL 12

58 Blake Everett DE 11

59 Freddy Contreras DE 12

61 Patrick Ancelin OL 11

62 Ryan Cafiero DE 11

63 Julio Duran OL 11

64 Eriq Diaz DL 12

65 Andrew Arnold OL 12

71 Kenneth Lawrence OL 12

72 Jack Headlee OL 11

73 Will Hodge OL 11

74 Jack Davis OL 9

76 Dujuan Wooten DE 11

78 Patrick Mulvihill OL 12

79 Anthony Meyers OL 11

80 Jack Watson WR 10

82 Toby Fowler WR 11

84 Exavier Collins DB 11

85 Rhett Middleton WR 11

88 Joshua Ochoa WR 12

90 Keevron Williams DL 12

91 Sean Rosini DE 11

92 Kasra Karimi DL 12

94 Angel Santos DE 12

Bold indicates

returning lettermen.

* indicates returning

two-year starter

Number 84, Doak Walker’s

Highland Park High School

uniform number from

1944, was retired in 1998.

Probable Starting Lineups

HP vs J.J. Pearce

J.J. Pearce Mustangs



WR 6 Jake Griffin

WR 4 Ryan Hart

LT 57 Sam Davis

LG 71 Kenneth Lawrence

C 53 Alec Harmon

RG 78 Patrick Mulvihill

RT 65 Andrew Arnold

WR 9 Reese Svetgoff

WR 12 Connor Rennick

RB 27 Jake Hercamp

QB 11 Hank Hughes

K 18 Spencer Lange



DE 41 Arrian Curry

DT 92 Kasra Karimi

DT 90 Keevron Williams

DE 62 Ryan Cafiero

LB 38 Travis Barnett

LB 47 Kaleb Gillenwater

LB 8 Dominic Reyes

CB 23 Max Beckum

CB 24 Matt Lane

S 45 Rob Kuhne

S 39 Dakota Pearle


Highland Park Scots



WR 3 Andrew Frost

WR 2 Campbell Brooks

LT 55 Jack Sides

LG 76 Rees LeMay

C 50 Clayton Woods

RG 60 Josh Leachman

RT 78 Austin Webb

WR 17 Kevin Ken

WR 9 Sam Welfelt

RB 34 Stephen Dieb

QB 5 Brooks Burgin



DE 95 Michael Thornton

NG 94 Daniel Gouskos

DE 44 Nick Waterman

OLB 40 Hayden Schnieders

OLB 32 Zach Snelling

41 Josh Block

ILB 35 Michael Linehan

ILB 49 Matthew White

CB 31 Benjamin Walzel

CB 6 Carter McDade

SS 11 Boomer Bakich

FS 4 Stephen Briggs

K 98 Grayson Borrego

DS 50 Clayton Woods

P 14 Kyle Burnett

Before the Kickoff

HP vs J.J. Pearce

October 3, 2014

jj pearce mustangs logoAn old rivalry renews tonight as the Highland Park Scots and J.J.

Pearce Mustangs battle for the first time as 6A warriors.

Reunited in District 10-6A, the two schools are known for the

similarities in their sports teams, student bodies and winning traditions.

While the Scots lead the Mustangs in wins on the gridiron,

nobody can forget the 2001 double-overtime thriller in

Richardson when Pearce handed HP one of its only two district

losses during the Randy Allen era, dating back to 1999.

“Our games with Pearce are always emotional,”

said Allen. “They were excited

when we joined their 10-6A district. Their

school is in close proximity to ours and our

kids know their kids. This game renews an

old rivalry.”

This is a rebuilding year for the Mustangs.

They are coming off a 5-6 season in 2013

where they squeaked into the playoffs. This

season they come into Highlander Stadium

with a 1-3 record. Pearce has been defeated

by McKinney, 26-22, McKinney North,

54-16, and Richardson, 48-30. In Week 2

the Mustangs beat South Garland, 49-42.

In last week’s contest against the Richardson Eagles, Pearce used

two quarterbacks, Hank Hughes (#11) and Austin Noland (#7).

Hughes completed 11 of 21 passes for 117 yards while Noland

connected on 10 of 14 passes for 75 yards. The top three wide

receivers are Jake Griffin (#6) with 22 receptions for 261 yards,

Hughes with 10 receptions for 143 yards and Ryan Hart (#4) with

six catches for 122 yards.

The Mustangs have three runners with over 100 yards. Hughes

leads the team with 197 yards on 39 carries while Jake Hercamp

(#27) has 118 yards on 20 carries and Alex Silva (#22) has gained

112 yards on 23 carries. The number to remember is that each of

these Mustangs is averaging more than five yards per carry.

The Scots will try to keep Hughes bottled up wherever he lines

up and keep Griffin from nabbing too many passes.

A potent Highland Park offense that is averaging 44.5 points per

game will face a Pearce defense that is allowing 42.5. Conversely, a

Scots defense that is allowing 13 points per game will square off

against a Mustang offense that averaging 29.

In last Friday’s 29-9 win over North Mesquite, the Scots started

slow, falling behind 9-0 in the second quarter. The spirited

Stallions defense bottled up the Scots, keep them from a first down

until midway through the second quarter. Then HP quarterback

Brooks Burgin (#5, 6-2, 189) hit wide receiver Andrew Frost (#3,

6-0, 180) with a 24-yard touchdown strike to allow the Scots to go

into halftime with a small 9-7 deficit.

During halftime the Scots players made adjustments and decided

that they’d like to play more efficiently. The second half Scots

looked like a new team. The offense scored 22 points while the

swarming defense shut out the Stallions, allowing them only 48

total yards in the second half. The game ended after HP’s 29 unanswered

points propelled them into the new

world of 6A football.

“We need to start faster,” said Allen.

“North Mesquite was emotional and they

executed well. We were a little stale after

our open date. Once we got in sync we

were able to score 29 points and hold

them. We played a good team and got our

first 6A win. We won the fourth quarter.

Our defense was consistent throughout the

game and our offense showed signs of running

the ball well. Our kicking game was

solid all night and we had two play-action

passes for touchdowns.”

Running back Stephen Dieb (#34, 5-7, 145) made some NM

defenders think he was 6’3″ and 240 lbs. as he ran over, ran

around and ran through several Stallions en route to a 140-yard

game. Dieb averaged more than eight yards per carry.

Burgin finished the night completing 12 of 27 passes for 175

yards and three touchdowns. Frost caught three passes for 89

yards and two TDs, Kevin Ken (#17, 6-0, 170) grabbed six passes

for 57 yards and one touchdown.

Linebacker Michael Linehan (#35, 6-1, 230) had a monster

game against North Mesquite, with 17 tackles (nine of which were

solo) and earning The Dallas Morning News Defensive Player of

the Week honorable mention. Hayden Schnieders (#40, 5-10,

195) had 14 tackles, Matthew White (#49, 6-2, 205) had 12,

Danny Gouskos (#94, 5-9, 210) had nine, Nick Waterman (#44,

6-2, 217) had eight while Benji Walzel (#31, 5-10, 170) and Zach

Snelling (#32, 6-0, 205) each had seven.

Injured linebacker Mitchell Kaufman (#10, 6-3, 225) is expected

to rest again tonight. In his place the Scots will continue to play

Snelling and Josh Block (#41, 5-10, 180).


HP vs Prosper
September 12, 2014

The Prosper Eagles soar into Highland Stadium for the first time
to battle the Scots, who boast an 80-game home winning streak.
That streak looked vulnerable last Friday with five and half minutes
left in the first half against Pulaski Academy of Little Rock.
The Bruins had just scored to go up 28-14, testing the Scots, the
coaching staff and the jam-packed home crowd.
A minute later the Scots offense reached into its own quiver of
electricity and pulled out a lightening bolt as scatback Stephen
Dieb (#34, 5-7, 145) scored on a nine-yard
run to tighten the score, to 28-21.
Then lightening stuck again 20 seconds
later as linebacker Mitchell “Pick Six”
Kaufman (#10, 6-3, 225) stepped in front of
a Pulaski pass and returned it 33 yards to tie
the contest and change the complexion of
the battle. It was a game-changing play.
With the momentum dramatically shifted
in Highland Park’s favor, the defense smothered
Pulaski’s fourth down attempt on its
own 32-yard line and then it took quarterback
Brooks Burgin (#5, 6-2, 189) two
plays to put the Scots ahead at halftime. He hit Sam Welfelt (#9,
6-2, 180) with a 22-yard strike, then Dieb ran it in from the
10-yard line with 2:32 remaining in the half.
That third lightening bolt put HP ahead 35-28. The Scots had
scored 21 points in less than two minutes and never trailed again.
In the third quarter the Scots defense stopped the Bruins again
on a fourth down attempt at the Pulaski 30-yard line. (Maybe it’s a
good idea to punt sometimes.) Burgin hit Andrew Frost (#3, 6-0,
180) with two strikes for 21 yards, Dieb picked up two more then
Burgin ran it in from the seven, giving the Scots a 42-28 cushion.
In the fourth quarter Dieb scored his third touchdown to put the
Scots up, 48-28. The Bruins came back strong at the end of the
game, scoring twice and tightening the score to 48-42 but the HP
kickoff return team warriors recovered the Bruins’ final onside
kick … as they had done with every onside kick all night, giving
the HP offense nice field position throughout the entire game.
“Our ability to get the onside kicks was important,” said HP
head coach Randy Allen . “Our defense got better as the game
went on. We scored 34 unanswered points and had a seven-point
halftime lead, which was important. I think that Mitchell
Kaufman’s interception return for a touchdown was important.
“Pulaski was as good or better than we had thought. They had
solid blocking and good players at skill positions. Their quarterback
was good and their team is used to winning. I think it is
important that we didn’t play our best game and still beat a good
team. Their offense ran 93 plays – 60 is normal – so our defense
was on the field a lot. We had players cramping but they were
never demoralized. I give them credit for adjusting to the fourthdown
plays and finding a way to win. It was an exciting game and
we came out healthy and came out with a win. Plus we were
exposed to some new formations and schemes. We’ll be better prepared
next season when we play them.”
Tonight the Scots face Prosper, which
beat Birdville, 41-20, and lost to Justin
Northwest, 42-19. The Eagles were 3-7 last
season after graduating star quarterback
Davis Webb (Texas Tech) and receiver
Torii Hunter (Notre Dame), who had led
Prosper to gridiron glory.
“Prosper is good offensively,” said Allen.
“They’ve got a running back (Robert
Mahone ) who ran a kickoff back 90 yards
for a touchdown against Justin Northwest.
Their quarterback (Colton Hepp ) wears
number 90. He’s a good passer and good runner. Prosper has a lot
of pride and good school spirit. They are a classy group and they
want to be the best.”
Against Birdville, Hepp passed for 210 yards and Mahone had a
95-yard touchdown run. The Bruins kicker, Liam Gamboa , connected
on a 40-yard field goal.
In the first two games of the season, Scots QB Burgin has completed
33 of 48 passes (69 percent) for 517 yards, four touchdowns
and one interception. Dieb leads the team in rushing with
136 yards on 23 carries (six yards per carry) and three touchdowns.
Campbell Brooks (#2, 6-0, 175) has caught nine passes
for 228 yards and four touchdowns to lead the team in receiving.
Leading the Scots in tackles against Pulaski were linebackers
Matthew White (#49, 6-2, 205) and Michael Linehan (#35, 6-1,
230), followed by defensive ends Michael Thornton (#95, 6-2,
215) and Nick Waterman (#44, 6-2, 217) and linebacker Hayden
Schnieders (#40, 5-10, 195). The HP defense will have a healthy
Danny Gouskos (#94, 5-9, 210) back at nose guard tonight.
“Our depth was important in our victory over Pulaski,” said
Allen, “and it will be just as important against Prosper.”